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Save on Your Energy Bill & Get Free Items from Duke Energy!

Green planet in your heart hands - usa - environment conceptWho doesn’t love the word FREE?! Duke Energy is offering a program, Home Energy House Call Program, that provides you with ways to save on your bill plus get over $30 in free items! With the cold weather months just around the corner, we know how the heating bills can sky-rocket with your heating units constantly running. Luckily Duke Energy has provided this program so they can evaluate your energy consumption, while also providing new ways to save on your next bill. Learn more about how you can take advantage of this offer & save! If you have any questions visit The Sue Greer Team website or call 919-649-9999 to contact us.

The Home Energy House Call Program is a free in-home energy assessment, valued at $180! Who doesn’t want to take advantage while its FREE?! This program is designed to help you learn how your home uses energy & how you can save on your monthly bills. The Duke Energy experts will check your home for air leaks, examine your insulation levels, check your appliances and more. Plus you’ll get a free gifts to help you start saving right away!

Here are the Free Energy-Saving Items for Homeowners:

  • In-home energy assessment (valued at $180!)
  • LED lightbulbs
  • Energy-efficient shower-head
  • Switch & outlet energy seals
  • Kitchen faucet aerator
  • Bathroom faucet aerator
  • Weather stripping for doors & windows

To Qualify for this Free Energy Assessment You Must:

  • Be Duke Energy customers.
  • Own a single-family home for at least four months.
  • Have an electric heater/AC or electric water heater.

What’s the Catch?

Wondering what the catch is? So were we! However, this will help the environment and costs for Duke Energy in the long run. By 2030, demand for electricity in the United States is expected to grow by approximately 25%. Duke Energy would build new power plants to keep up with the rising demand for power, but building these plants is not only expensive, but takes years to complete. The more of these power plants, the more negative impacts it will have on the environment.

As Duke Energy says; “If we can help our customers save energy – and save money in the process – it can reduce the demand for new power plants”. Watch this video to learn more.

To take advantage of this FREE Home Energy House Call, call 844.346.4366 or sign up online.

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