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Spring Staging Tips & Tricks!

Did you know springtime is the most popular season to put your house on the market? Make the most of the spring season by using fresh ways to update your home that will be sure to attract buyers. The Sue Greer Teams’ agents are the best in the industry! We are experts in helping you stage your home in the best ways to attract buyers quickly. Here are some MUST-DO staging tips!

  1. SPRING CLEANING! This is our #1 tip! It is an absolute must to clean out your home. Buyers will want to see the rooms in your home with no clutter so they can visualize their own belongings in the space.
  2. Landscaping your lawn & planting fresh flowers. Having freshly cut grass and beautiful fresh flowers in your front and backyard is a great visual appeal for buyers.
  3. Repaint rooms in your house. No one wants to see scratches or marks on the walls of their new home! Apply a fresh coat of paint to any room in your home that needs it.
  4. Keep things neutral. From wall color to decor, stick to neutrals! It is easier to see the overall space without busy & bright colors and fabrics distracting potential buyers while they are viewing your home.
  5. Have your home professionally cleaned. It’s important to not only showcase your home in terms of its decor, but also its cleanliness. Hire a professional cleaning service. It will be worth the money!

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